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Policies & Procedures



Appointments should be made to address any new problem or concern, especially if it requires a prescription medication. Appointments are also necessary for periodic follow-up of chronic medical problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc. This allows us an opportunity to assess the effectiveness of treatment, evaluate for side effects of medications, and monitor lab work if necessary. Please arrive a few minutes early for your appointment so you can complete any necessary paperwork. Arriving on time also helps us stay on schedule and minimize waiting time for you as well as other patients.



As a courtesy to other patients, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment.



Payment is due at the time of service. All co-pays and deductibles will be collected at the time of your office visit. Patients who have insurance should provide us with a copy of their current insurance card at each visit and should notify us of any changes in their coverage. Doing so will minimize confusion and delays regarding insurance claims. Amounts not covered by insurance are the responsibility of the patient. If you have questions about billing and collections you should contact the billing company, PhyQuest, at (214) 349-4255.


Prescription refills

If you need a refill for a prescription medication, please contact your pharmacy and have them fax the request to our office at (972) 996-6867.  Requests for medications that need to be monitored may require an office visit for follow-up and/or lab work before being refilled. Requests should therefore be made before you run out of your medication so that we have time to approve your refill or notify you that an appointment is needed. Prescription refills will be handled during regular business hours. Calling after regular office hours for a prescription refill should not be necessary.


Controlled substances

Prescriptions for medications with the potential for misuse, abuse, and addiction are carefully monitored. Requests for refills of these medications will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Patients who lie or are otherwise dishonest about their use of these medications will be dismissed from the practice and the proper authorities will be notified if necessary.


Not all insurance plans require referrals to specialists. If you do require a referral, please notify us at least one week in advance which specialist you will be seeing and the date of the appointment. We must also have your current insurance information on file to complete your referral. Failure to follow these rules may result in having to re-schedule the appointment or non-payment for that visit by your insurance carrier.

After-hours care

If you have a medical emergency while the office is closed, you should call 9-1-1 or go to the nearest hospital or urgent care clinic if you can safely do so. If you have an urgent problem that cannot wait until the office opens, you should call the main office number - (972) 852-1534 - and follow the instructions for reaching Dr. Carruthers. You should not call any other office numbers you may have saved via caller ID. Instructions for contacting Dr. Carruthers can only be obtained by calling the main office phone number.


Test results

Dr. Carruthers will contact you regarding results of lab work, radiology exams, and pathology specimens when they are available. However, if you have not received your results in a reasonable amount of time you should call for those results to make sure they have been received.


Medical records

You may request copies of your medical records at any time. Please allow a reasonable amount of time for us to print them and mail them if necessary. Copying and postage fees may apply. If you would like your records released to a third party, you must sign a release of information form giving us permission to do so. Those forms are available at the front desk.



We will maintain the privacy of your medical and personal information in accordance with the HIPAA laws established by the federal government. A copy of the HIPAA regulations is available on request.


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