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Minor Surgeries Specialist

J. Todd Carruthers, MD -  - Family Medicine Physician

J. Todd Carruthers, MD

Family Medicine Physician located in Allen, TX

Not all surgeries involve general anesthesia and a hospital stay. Some procedures are minor, minimally- invasive and performed in the doctor’s office. Board certified family physician Dr. Todd Carruthers offers a number of such procedures, including wart removal, skin biopsies and ingrown toenail treatment at his practice in Allen, Texas.

Minor Surgeries Q & A

What kinds of minor surgical procedures does Dr. Carruthers offer?

Dr. Carruthers offers skin biopsies, cyst and lipoma excisions, skin tag removal, mole removal, treatment for warts, foreign body removal, laceration repair, and treatment for ingrown toenails.

How do patients know if they need one of these procedures?

Patients consult with Dr. Carruthers to determine if a certain procedure is recommended and to determine if they’re good candidates. Certain conditions, such as the presence of a foreign body or a laceration, typically require prompt medical care that might include a minor surgical procedure. Other conditions, such as skin tag removal or mole removal, are usually considered elective rather than medically necessary. Dr. Carruthers discusses the details of these elective procedures with patients to help them determine if they should have them. These procedures are usually done if patients experience moderate to severe discomfort or if they want them removed for cosmetic reasons. Whatever the procedure, Dr. Carruthers provides patients with instructions on aftercare to minimize the risk of any complications.

What can patients expect from minor surgery?

Patients can expect to receive instructions on what to do prior to surgery, such as avoiding taking certain kinds of medications. Depending on the type of surgery involved, patients might receive local anesthesia to numb the surgical area. Dr. Carruthers provides patients with detailed information on how the procedure is done and what they can expect during it. Dr. Carruthers also lets patients know whether or not they need to limit or avoid any activities depending on what kind of procedure they had.

For more information on minor surgical procedures, please contact Dr. Todd Carruthers.

Major Insurance Plans Accepted

At Dr. Carruther's office, we accept most major insurance plans. Here is a short-list of just some of the most popular plans we accept and click here for the full list. We do not accept insurance for cosmetic procedures. Please contact our office and ask for Jaime if you do not see your insurance provider listed.

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