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Cancer Screenings Specialist

J. Todd Carruthers, MD -  - Family Medicine Physician

J. Todd Carruthers, MD

Family Medicine Physician located in Allen, TX

Advancements in treatment options have increased survival rates for many different types of cancer. However, this still depends on early detection. Finding cancer as early as possible gives patients the best chance at beating this disease. Dr. Todd Carruthers, located in Allen, Texas provides cancer screenings for men and women.

Cancer Screenings Q & A

When should patients start getting cancer screenings?

The age that patients should start being screened for cancer depends on certain factors, such as family history, existing medical conditions, and lifestyle habits. Women in their 40s should consider having breast cancer screenings, especially if they’re at higher risk. Men in their 40s should consider having prostate cancer screenings if they have a high risk of this disease. In general, men should start having colon cancer and prostate cancer screenings when they’re 50 years old. Women in their 50s should have breast cancer screenings every year or every two years depending on their risk of having this disease. Dr. Carruthers can let patients know when they should start cancer screenings based on their medical history, family history, and lifestyle choices.

What kinds of cancer screenings are there?

There are routine cancer screenings for: breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, and cervical cancer. Recommendations as to when and how often patients should be screened for these and other cancers depends on their age and risk factors. Dr. Carruthers will advise each patient as to their particular needs during their annual physical.

How reliable are cancer screenings?

Cancer screenings can give patients a false positive or false negative. A false negative means that patients have cancer and aren’t getting the timely treatment they need. A false positive means that patients don’t have cancer. Patients might end up going through unnecessary testing and emotional turmoil when they get a false positive on a cancer screening. Dr. Carruthers provides patients with information on the reliability of individual cancer screenings, including the chance of receiving a false positive or false negative.

Are there any risks with cancer screenings?

Some cancer screenings are linked to certain risks. For example, mammograms for breast cancer expose patients to low doses of radiation. Many of the risks with cancer screenings come from false positives, which can lead patients to have more invasive testing that isn’t needed, such as a biopsy. Dr. Carruthers discusses the risks associated with cancer screenings to ensure that patients are well-informed.

For more information on cancer screenings, please contact Dr. Todd Carruthers to make an appointment.

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